Easy Dogpix

Easy Dogpix is an app designed for android devices to make easily great pix of your dog : Easy Dogpix

Easy Dogfie

Easy Dogfie is an app designed for android devices to take great selfies easily with your dog : Easy Dogfie

A new website for a new era

After several months of silence, we are happy to show you the new website. New design but also new content.
We decided to close the blog. It was difficult to publish articles for lack of time. We did this choice to concentrate all our energy on new projects.

We developed some ideas that we had. Some of them were stopped but the others have deserved to go at the end. We had to learn from our failures, improve our knowledge and manage all steps of the development. For that we have needed time and a lot of energy. But we know that we are at the beginning of the story.

4 years ago, we released the first version of jQuery RssFeed. Since, it was downloaded more than 30 000 times. Used on many websites all over the world, il has helped thousands of webmasters to publish easily rss feeds. After our first victory, we have to aim higher for the release of new products.

We are happy to announce you the big news. In some few days or weeks, we will release some new apps for smartphone.

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